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The intra-African trade revolution and its prosperity, in Africa with the 6P!

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By Ludovic Emanuely

LIBREVILLE, June 24 (Infosplusgabon) - It is no secret that the international NGO Croissance PEACE enjoys a high level of attention from African leaders, whether he is a minister, president of a public institution or CEO of a private company. This is a position that is fully assumed given the depth of our mission on the continent with the public authorities, the private sector and the populations.


Thus, the conclusion of the various interviews that we have with the vast majority of African authorities shows that Africa will derive more benefits from favoring intra-African trade rather than systematic importation, whatever the country of origin of the goods. It is the very principle of economic solidarity at the continental level that is at stake.

Aware of this, the African authorities have formulated with Croissance PEACE, the request for the design of a method that would strongly encourage intra-African trade. It is therefore to provide concrete solutions to the problem of intra-African trade that the concept based on the Private-Private Partnership Performed By the Public (the 6P) was developed. The 6P then brings several benefits for African countries, here are a few:


. Benefit in terms of economic growth: intra-African exports represent around 8% of total exports (excluding energy). Intra-African trade therefore has a huge boulevard in front of it!


. Benefit in added value through investment in the industrial fabric of the continent to transform local raw materials


. Benefit in terms of jobs because the increase in the volume of intra-African trade will allow the industrialization of Africa and therefore the creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs, especially for young people


. Innovation benefit: GOOD responses to local needs can be offered. The continent will thus escape models from elsewhere and develop its own products. Products that will of course meet specific African expectations


. Profit in terms of investments. Any investor, whether African or foreign, will be reassured about the return on investment as the African market will be booming. 6P is an investor magnet!


. Benefit in human terms with the de facto restraint of African talents who, consequently, will participate in the progress of their country and their continent


. Benefit in terms of manpower which will be increasingly qualified thanks to high-level training, financed by prosperous states


. Benefit in terms of consumption: the African market will absorb African production to create a virtuous dynamic


. Benefits on international trade: the continent will be able to control its trade and ensure better administration of its various economic and free trade zones


. Governance benefit of public institutions: they will have to evolve towards more excellence, in a context of shared growth


It is for all these reasons that Croissance PEACE, for years, has supported the private and public sector in Africa, thanks to the recipes of an original concept: the Private-Private Partnership Performed and Pushed by the Public (the 6P).


These recipes constitute the set of elements that allow intra-African trade to move forward and prosper. We make them available to anyone who wants to use them for the local or sub-regional development of the continent.





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