Africa : ARISE IIP launches Togo’s first integrated industrial zone


LIBREVILLE, Gabon, June 3 (Infosplusgabon) - ARISE Integrated Industrial Platforms (ARISE IIP) a developer and operator of world-class industrial ecosystems across Africa, will officially inaugurate the Plateforme Industrielle d’Adétikope (PIA) on June, 6th 2021, under the patronage of His Excellency President Faure Gnassingbé. PIA will focus on creating thriving value chains for the textile industry in Togo, from raw material sourcing to manufacturing and exporting value-added products.



Located at 15 km north of Lomé, PIA is the result of a successful public-private partnership between the Republic of Togo and ARISE IIP. Aligned with Togo’s National Development Plan (NDP), PIA will create 35 000 jobs locally. The integrated and multi-sectoral industrial park will play a catalytic role in supporting Togo’s economic growth, regional integration and trade.

Spread across 400 hectares, the integrated ecosystem offers a range of fiscal advantages and modern infrastructures facilitating the competitive manufacturing of local agricultural products, including cotton, cashew and soybeans. PIA will also host a range of other industries such as the agri-processing, pharmaceutical, recycling, and electric automobile industries. 90% of PIA’s energy supply will come from renewable sources.


H.E Faure Gnassingbé, President of the Togolese Republic stated that: “This project is just one example of what can be achieved in Togo, when the Republic of Togo and any investors and businesses that are serious about creating mutual value work towards a shared goal. Despite the challenging context due to the pandemic, the project started on time, was delivered swiftly and is now operational. The platform will capitalise on our country’s rich natural resources, ensuring that Togo obtains a greater share of the value added through local industry development dedicated to the processing and transformation right here in the country in order to create more jobs for our youths. PIA shows once again Togo’s dedication for execution.”


Gagan Gupta, co-founder of ARISE IIP commented: “We are very excited to bring together local industry players and to attract foreign investors to create a competitive cotton processing ecosystem. PIA is yet another opportunity for ARISE IIP to showcase its model of industrial development, one that generates mutual gains through the sustainable and ethical transformation of natural resources. The success of PIA also lies in the successful partnership with the Republic of Togo which has implemented the necessary regulatory framework to promote industrialisation.”


For the past few years, ARISE IIP experienced a remarkable expansion across West Africa with tailor-made industrial zones accelerating the continent’s industrialisation. For reference, in Gabon ARISE IIP manages the Gabon Special Economic Zone (GSEZ), focused on the timber industry, which created 16,000 jobs, attracted 120 investors and has enabled Gabon to move from being an exporter of logs to the world's 2nd largest producer and exporter of veneer and the first in Africa. Across the continent, ARISE IIP’s primary focus has always been the creation of industrial ecosystems committed to generating high local added value along with sustainable growth.


ARISE Integrated Industrial Platforms (ARISE IIP) is a pan-African developer and operator of world-class industrial parks committed to making Africa thrive. We identify opportunities in commercial and industrial value chains across Africa, and conceive, finance, build and operate the necessary infrastructure, playing a catalytic role in supporting countries to transition to an industrial economy. We are driven by the pursuit of green growth; our ambition is to unlock the continent’s industrial potential while neutralising our carbon emissions and climate impact. ARISE IIP is currently present in Benin (GDIZ), Togo (PIA) and Gabon (GSEZ). GSEZ was ranked the world’s best special economic zone in the timber sector (2020 FDI ranking).





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