ARISE IS becomes a shareholder of Aera Group


LIBREVILLE, March 3 (Infosplusgabon) – According to an official statement, ARISE Industrial Services (ARISE IS), the pan-African infrastructure developer and operator, and Aera Group, the leading trader of environmental certificates in Africa are pleased to announce the investment of ARISE IS in Aera Group through the acquisition of 35% stake of the company based on a valuation of EUR 28.5 million.

With this transaction, ARISE IS confirms its ambition to address Africa’s infrastructure gap through the pursuit of green growth; by investing in innovative solutions that support a climate conscious economic development in Africa. This strategic investment is a significant milestone in ARISE IS’s journey towards neutralising carbons emissions and creating a positive environmental legacy. As the company accelerates its efforts for a sustainable industrialisation of Africa, this new partnership will help ensure that all its activities, including industrial zones in Gabon, Togo and Benin, are carbon neutral and climate positive.


Aera Group targets the acquisition of 50 MT of CO2 emissions reduction equivalent in 2021 to consolidate its portfolio, the largest for environmental certificates in Africa to date (39 projects contracted in 16 countries). The company has also announced an extension of its trading lines to cover renewable energy production, biodiversity protection and water benefits related products.


Fabrice Le Saché, Chairman of Aera Group

“This deal is a recognition of Aera’s track record in environmental certificates origination and trading in Africa. In the last 5 years we’ve achieved a number of ground-breaking achievements – from the record number of climate projects registered under carbon certification to the record volume of CO2 emissions reduction certificates traded. Together with ARISE IS, we share the same long-term vision of environmental markets. They can unlock massive funding to scale up climate action. Climate needs cash and that’s our focus at Aera.”


Gagan Gupta, cofounder of ARISE IS

“ARISE IS has become a trusted partner for sustainable growth by enabling solutions that address the challenges faced by governments, whilst creating shared opportunities in all our markets. This transaction takes us a step further and is reflective of the values we stand by. We are deeply committed to bring strong added value to all our African partners by certifying and monetising their environmental assets. In this journey, teaming up with Aera is an important step as their expertise and achievements match our investments, our strategy and our vision.”



ARISE Infrastructure Services (ARISE IS) is a joint venture between AFC and Olam International Ltd. ARISE IS brings capital, skills, expertise and technology to deliver and manage large-scale infrastructure projects which address critical development needs. Committed to a net-zero climate impact, ARISE IS delivers sustainable and tailor-made infrastructure to support Africa’s rapid industrialisation and boost regional trade. With several investments underway in Gabon and Togo, ARISE IS has a strong footprint in West Africa.


About Aera Group

Aera is the largest independent trading company dedicated to environmental certificates in Africa. Aera was founded in 2015 as a pure originator and trader of CO2 emissions reduction certificates (also known as carbon credits). Since 2015, we set numerous ground-breaking achievements. We registered the record number of African projects under the Verra VCS, Gold Standard and UNFCCC CDM, we pioneered carbon trading in 11 countries, we successfully completed the largest number of carbon credits issuances and crafted some of the most innovative transactions across the continent. To date, we own Africa’s first portfolio of CO2 emissions reduction certificates spanning all class of products (VCU, GS-VER, CER) and technologies (renewables, energy efficiency or waste treatment…) across the continent.




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