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Libyan anti-illegal immigration services explain departure of 300 migrants from central Tajoura

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Tripoli, Libya, July 11 (Infosplusgabon) - The Libyan anti-illegal immigration office, the Tajoura branch (eastern suburb of Tripoli), said here Wednesday that more than 300 illegal migrants took to the streets without being “intercepted by anyone as they were leaving the detention center targeted by an air bombardment on 3 July”, which claimed the lives of 53 people and wounded 130 others.


The press office of the anti-illegal immigration fight on said in a short statement that “after the visit made by the team of the UN High Commission for Refugees to the refugee host center of Tajoura on Tuesday evening, in a bid to transfer 55 illegal migrants and to keep some 310 others at the seat of the anti-illegal immigration office, a certain number of people have taken to the streets after HCR announced it would transfer some 55 people on a list of names they prepared”.

"No one prevented those migrants from leaving, and they are now heading to the crisis center for the gathering and departure of migrants from Tarik al-Seka, under the command of HCR", the Libyan anti-illegal immigration office said.

The UN High Commission for Refugees (HCR) hailed the decision made on Tuesday by the Libyan authorities to leave the last detainees in the Tajoura detention center the choice to leave the place, saying it had called for the release of those detainees in Tajoura.

Altogether, 53 people were killed and 130 others wounded in an air strike in Tripoli on 3 July against the detention center for illegal migrants in Tajoura.

This sparked the indignation of the international community which demanded an independent investigation into the incident.






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