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Gambia to replace Jammeh’s face on bank notes

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Banjul, Gambia, November 25 (Infosplusgabon) – The Gambia from next year will introduce bank notes to replace the existing ones bearing the face of former president Yahya Jammeh, officials have said.


According to the governor of Gambia’s Central Bank, Bakary Jammeh, his institution is at an advanced stage in trying to replace the country’s currency bearing Jammeh’s image with “family notes.”


“When you print millions, you will have to charge million to your profit and loss expense. We developed a strategy here at the bank [to replace those notes], as we also do not want to see Yahya Jammeh’s face on the Dalasi. Yet it is very expensive to print fresh bank notes,” the governor said at a press briefing in Banjul.


Mr. Jammeh indicated that redesigning an entire new currency could take the Central Bank between nine and ten months and it first embarked on a projection of the stock of banknotes they had in terms of how long it will last.


“Now when we did with our existing stock, we realised the stock we have can go for six months. But if you want to redesign again, that will last nine to ten months,” he said.


“The currencies that he (Jammeh) had his face printed were introduced in 2015. So the 2014 notes that are still in circulation and did not carry Jammeh’s head on them can be reprinted and delivered in February 2018.


“That stock without Jammeh’s head will be used throughout 2018, giving us time to redesign the entire Gambian currency.  It is going to be redesigned with new security features, and it will be different from the kind of currency we have in The Gambia currently.”







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