Botswana: Psychosocial support hels reduce suicide rate in Botswana


GABORONE,  Botswana, September 14 (Infosplusgabon) -  Botswana has recorded a decrease in suicide rates over the past years following increased psychosocial support to would-be victims.


Witness Boseja, police Assistant Commissioner on Thursday said statistics indicate that 174 people have already committed suicide since the beginning of the year, as compared to the 199 cases during the same period last year.


Boseja said after years of increase, the suicide rate in the country has been declining across all age groups.


He explained that despite increased efforts to give psychosocial support to would-be victims, people continued to commit suicide.


“The police together with various stakeholders such as church leaders, social workers and traditional leaders were committed to continue with the public education drive to sensitise people about suicide,” Boseja said.


Boseja said any challenge marked the beginning of a new life and advised people to share their problems with others to avoid killing themselves.


He said the police are using different platforms to interact with the general public to address issues of suicides.





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