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Coronavirus disease diagnosis is available in Burkina Faso - says Ministry of Health

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Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, January 29 (Infosplusgabon) - The diagnosis of Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) disease is possible in Burkina Faso at the National Reference Laboratory Influenza (NRL influenza), located in Bobo-Dioulasso (west), the Burkinabe Ministry of Health said Wednesday, adding that no cases have been noticed in the country.


"There is no specific treatment but symptomatic treatment," warned the health ministry, which said that "guidelines have been given to hospitals to strengthen epidemiological surveillance".


Arrangements are also being made at land, rail and airport entry points, according to the Ministry of Health's statement.


The coronavirus that emerged from China in December 2019 is an unknown virus that is causing concern in several countries around the world.


The disease causes epidemic pneumonia in humans with human-to-human transmission, and to date has already resulted in more than 5,974 confirmed cases and 132 deaths in China.


Several other countries have confirmed cases of the disease caused by Coronavirus.






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