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Zambia: Over 600 people died of cancer in 2019

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Lusaka, Zambia, January 29 (Infosplusgabon) – Over 600 people died of different types of cancer out of the 3,000 cases recorded at the Cancer Diseases Hospital in the Zambian capital, Lusaka.


According to hospital public relations officer, Terence Nyirongo, the number of patients being attended to at the health facility has continued to rise.


He disclosed that the hospital attended to 3,008 new patients in 2019 compared to 2,019 cases recorded in 2015.


Nyirongo said the patients who died of different types of cancer in 2019 were 614. Cervical cancer accounted for 288 deaths or 37.2 percent, while people who died of prostate and breast cancer, respectively, were 46 or 7.6 percent and 43 or 7.1 percent of the total number of cases.


He further stated that the other deaths were caused by colorectal cancer which accounted for 4.2 percent, uterus cancer which stood at four percent and Kaposi’s sarcoma at three percent.


Nyirongo said cervical cancer is the highest attended to ailment at the hospital, representing 30 percent in all cancers.


Breast cancer cases are at 10 percent, prostrate at eight percent and Kaposi’s sarcoma at four percent.


He said cervical cancer tops the list of 10 most reported types and that from January 1 to 27 this year, the hospital recorded 902 cases of cervical cancer, 301 of breast cancer, 241 od prostrate, 120 of Kaposi’s sarcoma while lymphomas cancer were at 120.


Others recorded were cancer of the eye at 90 cases, colorectal at 90, liver at 60, vulva at 60 and oesophagus also at 60.





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