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Women trail behind men in Botswana crime statistics

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Gaborone, Botswana, January 29 (Infosplusgabon) - Botswana’s latest crime report has indicated that men are in the lead in committing crimes, as women trail behind.


Statistics Botswana’s (SB) latest crime report indicates that female participation in criminal activities was low when compared to their male counterparts.


“Overall, males constituted 92.0 percent of the accused while females constituted only 6 .0 percent. The remaining 2.0 percent of the accused persons did not have their sex stated,” said the Statistician General, Dr. Burton Mguni, in a report.


SB said high numbers of accused were recorded for age groups 25-29, to age group 35-39, with a peak at age group 30-34 for males and age group 35-39 for females.


“The year 2018 recorded 20.1percent accused males aged 30-34 compared to 20.6 males (of same age group) recorded in 2017. Accused male aged 35-39 were 19.3 percent compared to 18.1 percent observed in 2017,” said Mguni.


In addition, the results show that crime is mostly prevalent at younger ages and decreases as age increase for both sexes.


Meanwhile, sexual offences and homicide or murder offences accounted for 6.3 and 5.9 percent of all decided cases respectively.


“It should, however, be noted that although closed at magistrates courts all homicide cases are committed to the High Court for trial and final judgement,” Mguni said.






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