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Gabon's livestock breeders get tips on biosafety in animals

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Libreville, Gabon, August 31 (Infosplusgabon) - A training seminar for Gabonese livestock breeders focused on "Biosafety in livestock farming" ended on Saturday in Libreville.


Consultant veterinarian Sandrine Guindjoumbi from the Gabonese Chemical Society told participants that "biosecurity is the set of measures to prevent the spread of microbes and diseases before and after the beginning of the breeding activity."


"Controlling biosecurity is a public health issue and microbes can be passed on to humans who eat infected animals, such as bird flu or Ebola," said Guindjoumbi.



Addressing the issues of development and international trade, the facilitator asked the breeders to "produce according to international standards, since access to the international market follows certain rules, including the sale of healthy products. For that purpose, herds must be protected."



The other aspect addressed during the seminar was maintaining buildings at an acceptable level of hygiene.



"It is necessary to clean up, and weed the edges of the farms. The distance between two breeding buildings of the same species must be 15 metres," she recommended.



In its common use, biosecurity refers to the protection of health through the avoidance of disease and refers to all measures to reduce the risk of introduction and spread of pathogens.








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