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Beninese Parliament gets new board

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Cotonou, Benin, May 17 (Infosplusgabon) - Members of the eighth term of office of the Beninese Parliament Friday elected their new board presided by Louis Vlavonou of the Progressive Union.

The board of the national assembly of the 8th term of office is composed as followed:

Speaker: Louis Vlavonou;

First Deputy Speaker-President: Mariama Chabi Talata pouse Zime;

Second eputy Speake: Robert Gbian;

First Chief Whip: Boniface Yehouetome;

Second Chief Whip: Andr Okounlola;

First parliamentary secretary: Sofiath Schanou;

Second parliamentary secretary: Delonix Kogblevi.

According to Article 17 of the parliamentary rules and regulations, the board of the institution, which includes seven members, assists the Speaker in his duties and gives its consultative opinion on the composition of the government.

It appoints four (4) out of the seven (7) members of the Constitutional Court.

It also deliberates on the inadmissibility of draft bills, amendments which are not in the domain of law.

Installed on Thursday, the Beninese MPs have a four-year term.


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