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Botswana lands ministry revisits land reforms

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Gaborone, Botswana, April 11 (Infosplusgabon) - The Botswana ministry of land management, water and sanitation services and its stakeholders have met to discuss ways and means to carry out the presidential directive to help Batswana (citizens of Botswana) to unlock the enterprise potential of land resource.



At a meeting held at the capital of Gaborone on Thursday 11, the Minister of Land Management, Water and Sanitation Services, Kefentse Mzwinila, said President Mokgweetsi Masisi has made the issue of change of land use to facilitate local enterprise one of his primary priorities.


“The central pillar of His Excellency’s transformative economic agenda of creating a knowledge-based economy is that Batswana should be at the forefront of all the major economic activities at our disposal,” says Mzwinila.


Mzwinila said land, being one of the primary factors of production in any economic activity, has been identified as one of the immediate aspects that must be used to drive this new agenda.


While Batswana acknowledge that the time has come for them to consider an immediate broader land reform process, the government has been required to look closely into codes of land use so as to remove any impediments to land resource productivity, especially those which have been identified by the private sector and other individuals, as a matter of urgency.


“There has been a public outcry that our land management processes are not responsive to the needs of Batswana. Particularly when it comes to the issue of change of land use, Batswana have generally felt as though we are not facilitating them to economically empower themselves using the land resources which we have allocated to them. As a result, we have been tasked to review and come up with a win-win model that would facilitate, rather than inhibit, economic enterprise amongst our people,” says Mzwinila


The minister said the government recognises that some of the existing statutory infrastructure that guide the country’s land use codes have somewhat become part of the stumbling blocks in the process of allowing for a more expansive and robust economic enterprise in the country.


“Some rigidity, part of which very unnecessary, has continued to shackle the hands of enterprise and we must openly discuss how best we could work together to address them.  we will remain cautious and exercise due restraint where necessary, but I strongly believe that we can still start the ball rolling to piggyback on the easy and quick wins in the short run. I am not necessarily saying that we must suspend the existing governing instruments but that we must apply ourselves fully when considering the requests and applications for change of land use as we receive them from the public,” says minister Mzwinila.





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