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Sudananese army says 'important communiqué to be aired shortly'

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Khartoum, Sudan, April 11 (Infosplusgabon) -  Sudan's capital Khartoum woke up Thursday to the tunes of the famous military music, played when the army is either winning a major battle or taking over power from a civilian government. Thursday’s music pointed to  the second option.


The state-run Radio Omdurman and the National TV announced a terse statement that “an important communiqué from the People’s Armed Forces will be announced shortly”. No further details were given.


Since the early hours of the day, the distinct military music, usually connected with coup d’état in the Sudan, is repeatedly played on the national Radio Omdurman and the National TV.


Roads and bridges leading to downtown Khartoum were heavily packed with military vehicles mounted with machine guns and Doskha mortars.


The army and heavily armed units surrounded the building of the national radio and TV in Khartoum.  Historically, whoever controls Radio Omdurman, controls the masses in the rural area and is master of the government under a coup d’état.


The metallic and trumpets, saxophones and windpipes music  started as early as 5:30am (02:30GMT) shortly after the Muslim Morning Prayer.


About two hours later came the announcement that  “an important communiqué from the Forces will be announced shortly. Follow-up”. The roads and bridges leading to downtown Khartoum, the seat of the government and the headquarters of the army, were closed to traffic.


Thousands of young men and women formed columns after columns walking towards the military headquarters in Khartoum, chanting and waving the national flag. “ Safatat, sagatat,” Sudanese colloquial Arabic for -it went down, it went down.


Unconfirmed reports said of arrests about hundred top government officials, including former top presidential aides, but nothing official has come out yet. What happened to Field Marshal  Omar Bashir will be known  after the army, to which he has been affiliated, announces its much awaited communique.


But a climate of jubilation prevailed in Khartoum’s main streets leading to downtown and to the army offices.


Usually when such a military event takes place, the head of state would be placed under house arrest, and towards midday, a military communiqué would be announced about the takeover, usually the man who would be leading the government would read the statement.


Protests started here in December 2018, continued through October, with a lull and then picked up momentum in January 2019 and reaching the peek on 6 April, when thousands flocked to the surroundings of the army headquarters, regardless of  hundreds killed and injured.


The government conceded that at least 39 were killed while 483 were injured and 6,577 were under arrest.


The opposition and the protest organisers who call themselves “the revolutionaries” claimed hundreds were killed.





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