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Libyan foreign affairs ministry makes intense diplomatic efforts to end fighting in Tripoli

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Tripoli, Libya, April 7 (Infosplusgabon) - Libyan Foreign Affairs Minister Mohamed Taher Siala on Sunday announced that his ministry was making diplomatic efforts and intensive contacts with international and regional organizations to end the fighting in Tripoli's suburbs, official source said.


On Wednesday, the forces of the Libyan national army launched an offensive in the West of the country to root out terrorist groups from their last lairs in the region heading towards Tripoli.


They were contained on the outskirts of the city by the armed groups and military formations loyal to the government of national accord.


Siala on Sunday, in a statement to the Libyan News Agency (LANA), emphasized "the importance and need to seek a political solution consistent with the UN plan to hold an inclusive national conference in Ghadamès convened by Ghassan Salamé, Envoy the UN Secretary General envoy, in mid-April for Libyans to decide on the future of their country and prepare for presidential and legislative elections on a solid constitutional basis to end the transitional stages".


An inclusive national conference under the auspices of the UN Envoy in Libya, scheduled for 14-16 April, is intended to achieve a consensus between Libyans on a timetable for general elections and end the transitional period.


The head of Libyan diplomacy concluded his statement on Sunday that "only a political solution can bring Libya back to a good port and avoid more bloodshed and destruction in the country".


On Saturday evening, the President of the Presidential Council deplored his outstretched hand  for peace and stability did not have a favourable response from Khalifa Haftar and promised to face with "strength and determination" the attack launched against the capital, Tripoli.


He also expressed, in a televised address on Saturday evening, that the Libyans’ “hope for the inclusive national conference was disappointed when we were a few days away from the holding of the meeting”.


Al-Sarraj recalled the principles he had always defended during his various meetings related to civil status, democracy and the peaceful alternation of power and the rejection of the militarization of the state and the return of the totalitarian regime.


The UN envoy in Libya, Ghassan Salamé, had announced on Saturday in Tripoli that the inclusive national conference scheduled for mid-April in Ghadamès, southwest Libya, would be maintained despite military operations carried out by the forces of the Libyan army in the western region and the offensive against the Libyan capital.


At a press conference at the headquarters of the Presidential Council in Tripoli, Salamé stressed: "We are committed to organise the conference between the Libyan parties on the scheduled date from 14 to 16 April, unless unforeseen circumstances occur".


The Security Council, which urgently met on Friday at the request of Great Britain, called on the Libyan national army to end any movement, stressing that it would hold accountable any Libyan faction that would create war in the country and undermine the political process.


The military escalation coincided with a three-day visit of the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, to Libya, who left Friday after failing to put an end to the tensions and military offensive.


In a Tweet at his departure from Benghazi (East), Guterres said "leaving Libya with concerns", assuring his commitment and that of the United Nations to work for a political solution in Libya.






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