Burkina Faso's justice ministry denies resignation of prosecutor of B. Faso


Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, April 7 (Infosplusgabon) - Burkina Faso's justice ministry  Sunday denied the resignation of the Prosecutor of Faso, Mrs. Maïza Sérémé, official source said.


"The ministry is not informed of any resignation of a Prosecutor of Faso from his post for reasons of disagreement with his line manager or for any pressure whatsoever," the statement said.


Several in Burkina Faso media reported the resignation of the Prosecutor of Faso to the High Court of Ouagadougou for pressures that the complainant would have received from her hierarchy.


The justice ministry whishes to inform the national and international opinion that "the call for candidatures launched by the High Judicial Council (CSM) for the post of Prosecutor of Faso to the High Court of Ouagadougou is following the willingness to be appointed to the Office of the Court of appeal in Ouagadougou of the current incumbent of the post, shown by a written letter received at the CSM since 2018".


According to the same source, "the acceptance of its request for transfer will result in the vacancy of the position it occupies, hence the need to initiate a call for candidatures to fill its replacement, as provided for by the Statute of the judiciary".


"Other calls for candidatures have been launched for functions in courts, because of the imminent departure of their incumbents on both personal, professional and statutory reasons," the statement added.







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