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Mauritian papers highlight the appointment of a new Chief judge

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Port-Louis, Mauritius, April 7 (Infosplusgabon)  -  Mauritian newspapers this week highlighted the appointment last Monday of Eddy Balancy as a new chief judge to replace Keshoe Parsad Matadeen who has retired, according to reports.

The new chief judge set the tone, as soon as he was sworn in before the interim President of the Republic, Barlene Vyapoury, making certain announcements to the media.


The online newspaper ‘L'Express. Mu’, under the title “The new Chief Judge Balancy and his many ideas”, noted that the latter “has many small ideas to improve the administration of Justice. Especially so that people understand how it works, a lot of simple and practical ideas”.


"The new chief judge intends to implement them in order to make amendments in the procedures that prevent good justice and that he can quickly put in place", the newspaper added.


"Give me six days and I'll make a situational analysis. Then, the big projects will need discussions,” the new chief judge said, answering a question by the newspaper.


He promised: "I will be a chief judge who will do his best to improve the quality of Justice,” he said, adding: "I will try to make changes to better administer justice at all levels, from district courts, intermediate court, Industrial Court to the Supreme Court. From there, I intend to proceed with a number of small changes that have been trotting me in the head for a long time. "


"I will be a chief judge who communicates with the press while keeping the right balance between, on the one hand, the reserve of a chief judge and on the other, the need for positive communication with the press, the way in which we communicate with the people,” he was quoted by L'express. mu.


The daily ‘Le Mauricien’ reported the six priority projects of the new chief judge who, he said, would help to improve the judicial system in Mauritius.


"The first of the ideas mentioned is a reorganization of the Supreme Court Library. The chief judge referred to an ‘inventory’ of the books and documents therein. As well as the restoration and digitalisation of certain historical works which are dusty,” he underlined.


Le Mauricien also wrote that the book purchase procedure – made by the librarian following the requests received for a work – had been described as ‘hazardous’ by Eddy Balancy.


"I am far too methodical to accept that this is happening in this way," he added.


The new chief judge also intended, according to this newspaper, "to discourage frivolous cases".


"You will be amazed at the number of cases brought to court. People have the habit of pleading,” the chief judge noted.


"In France, England, Australia, they do not forgive. You come with a frivolous case, you will incur the costs. In England, for example, you have to pay the Court per hour," he said.


Le Mauricien added that "the last point mentioned by the chief judge was the fact that, from 19 April, he will go into hibernation mode to the press for six months”.


“Unless exceptional condition.  I would ask you to leave me alone so that I can devote time to my projects and to those of the judiciary,” he said.


ION News, another online news website, reported that the chief judge noted that there is "uniformity in mediocrity" with some judges.


Listing his projects to replace the carpet and uniformity of the Supreme Court, among others, he indicated that specialization could help judges.


"There are not enough judges for nothing. I would have loved the specialization because it would have helped to dispose of cases more quickly," he stressed.


But still, he explains in some cases, some judges cannot deal with a case.


"There is an extraordinary amateurism in the presentation of the case, at the level of the defence, of the resistance to the application, of the magistrate, but this does not mean that an injustice is dispensed fairly. There is an uniformity in mediocrity," he lamented answering a question from ION News.


The new chief judge, Eddy Balancy, will be the n° 1 of the judiciary until May 2020, representing 14 months.







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