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UN Secretary-General’s visit, international support to elections makes headlines of Libyan newspapers

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Tripoli, Libya, April 7 (Infosplusgabon) – Libyan newspapers this week covered largely the visit by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, his support and that of the international community to the political process in that country.


They also highlighted his position with regard to the military escalation in the western region of the country, support of the international community to the holding of the national inclusive conference and the general elections to end the transitional phase.


The ‘Al-Wassat’ reported that the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, said “the United Nations does not have any agenda, nor interests as for Libya, but their only interest is the well-being of the Libyan people, peace in the country, the possibility to live in normal democracy and draw profit from the country’s immense riches for the benefit of its citizens”.


He also stated that “the solution in Libya must be a Libyan political solution with a Libyan direction”.


Reporting the press conference held on Thursday evening in Tripoli on the sidelines of his visit to Tripoli, the newspaper said the UN Secretary-General reaffirmed that “foreign intervention cannot resolve the problems of any country; it is therefore important that the principle is also applied to Libya”.


That’s why, “we put our vision in close collaboration with the Libyans inside and outside the country, during public meetings held across the country, for more than a year; the idea to hold a Libyo-Libyan national conference on the Libyan territory to be able to discuss the future of Libya”, the newspaper quoted the UN chief as having said.


About the military escalation, Guterres said, according to the newspaper: “I would like to make strong appeal: all military actions must stop, an appeal to contain the situation, a return to calm and an end to the military, political and verbal escalation. During the meeting I presided with the Libyan presidential council chairman, we agreed that there was no military solution anywhere in the world, nor military solution to the problems in Libya. The problem must be political and it is essential that the political solution is very strong thanks to dialogue”.


The ‘Afrigatenews’ newspaper highlighted the reactions concerning the military escalation, reporting that the member of the High Council of State, Abderrahman Al-Chater, criticized the military developments in Libya.


“The UN mission did not protect the political deal obtained and signed by the parties in conflict,” said al-Chater quoted by the newspaper.


It added: “What is happening is the result of the bad policy committed by all. The parties in conflict did not preserve the political agreement and did not as well take the means to take important step forward in the Libyan crisis, followed by amendments to the deal to resolve the rest of problems”.


The Libyan online newspaper quoted the member of the Council of State as saying: “European countries are divided into two camps: the Paris camp and the Palermo side, and that they broke out at the Abu Dhabi forum. The presidential council was weak and did not show deep understanding of the Libyan crisis from the beginning and did not mobilize to take it international support.”


Reporting the international conference, ‘Al-Wassat’ said that “the national forum showed international and European impulse at less than one month to go to its holding in Ghadames, under the aegis of the United Nations on 14-16 April, which is expressed by the positions of support expressed by the UN Security Council and the European Union”.


The newspaper added that in the middle of that international impulse, the UN envoy in Libya Ghassan Salamé unveiled some points of the agenda of the forum, which was a mystery for Libyan politicians and analysts.


However, the newspaper said that the variable that raised questions on the Libyan scene was the surprise visit of Marshall Khalifa Haftar to Saudi Arabia after a meeting with Saudi Arabia following the meeting with the European delegation.


Al-Wassat said the UN envoy, in a televised interview, revealed a point of the agenda of the national forum in the sense that he implicitly said in his comments that “the elections, the bill governing its holding and several other issues will be raised at the national forum”, engaging to return to the Security Council to help the Libyans hold elections and combat those hindering them in case of consensus on those details at the forum.


The newspaper concluded that with the acceleration of the local, regional and international developments leading to the national forum, the military reinforcement of the national army in the west of the country were reported, raising questions again as for the continuation of the Libya-Libyan forum, which brought observers to wonder if that measure was not an action, a pressure or manoeuvre towards the participants in that meeting.






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