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Abidjan, French University sign cooperation agreement

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Abidjan, Cte d'Ivoire, March 15 (Infosplusgabon) - The Autonomous District of Abidjan and the French Institute of Circular Economy (INEC) on Wednesday signed a cooperation agreement under which an institute will be set up in Abidjan for waste processing.

The cooperation agreement was signed by the Governor of the District of Abidjan, Robert Beugr Mamb, and the President of INEC, Franois Michel Lambert.

Governor Mamb noted that the project makes garbage, a real gold mine to explore and exploit to the maximum.

INEC President Michel Lambert said the circular economy offers the opportunity to have models with an environmental and health impact that preserves resources, creates wealth, has a positive impact on the environment and preserves health.

The Abidjan District has a population of six million inhabitants, with an annual production of 1.4 million tons of waste, of which 60 to 70 percent is collected by the public authorities.

According to Governor Mamb, the production of this waste can be an advantage, provided it is transformed for reuse.

The District of Abidjan has already addressed the issue of waste processing by conducting studies on used tyres and plastics.

Estimates provided by Governor Mamb indicate that with 10,000 kg of garbage, 250 people can be employed, and if all the waste produced in the city are processed, the figure would rise to 35,000 jobs.


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