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Congo’s human right body recommends reforms to guarantee press freedom

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Brazzaville, Congo, February 14 (Infosplusgabon) - The Congolese human rights watchdog (OCDH) Wednesday in Brazzaville called for complete press freedom in the Congo to enable journalists to work in total freedom.


Executive Director of OCDH Tresor Nzila made the call at a reception organized by the Congolese higher council of freedom of communication (CSLC).


The OCDH, which was preparing its annual report on human rights in the Congo, shared ideas with representatives of different national and international institutions in a bid to gather official information.


“We need more freedom for our press. The arrest of journalist Fortuné Dombé Bemba shows enough that the freedom of communication is not fully guaranteed. That is to say press freedom is not total in Congo.


“Reforms are needed to enable journalists to work in all freedom,” Nzila said, adding that there was also the question of media financing that limited their jobs in some way.



“It was very important for us to discuss with the higher council of freedom of communication on the allegations we noted on press freedom. The council gave justifications. It also provided us with results from the works done last year. We will examine it to draw what is essential,” said the OCDH executive director.


Referring to certain breaches in the exercise of their journalism profession in Congo, Nzila noted that there was also the ‘cancer’ of non-journalists who had joined the profession with little regard for its ethics.


“Actually, there are several things that prevent journalists from practicing successfully their job, but it is worth pointing out that there are non-journalists who engage in this demanding profession and do a questionable or non-professional job. Therefore, for journalists, efforts still remain to be made,” he stated.





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