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Measles gains ground in Mauritius

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Port Louis, Mauritius, June  9  (Infosplusgabon) -  The Mauritian Health Ministry has on Saturday indicated that no fewer than 205 cases of measles have been identified to date in the past four weeks in several parts of the island.


It said this highly contagious disease is cause for concern and it has been found that it is not only young children who are affected but also people aged 15 to 40 years.


A medical doctor in Port Louis said the Ministry has started an awareness and vaccination campaign throughout the island, including pre-primary, primary and secondary schools, as well as in the most affected areas. He said adults also are affected.


According to the ministry, some 3,000 people have been vaccinated. It said measles is a very contagious disease and if a person has not been vaccinated, the disease can spread easily across the country.


“This is the reason as to why we call on parents to vaccinate their children who have never received a measles vaccine or have received only a dose as soon as possible,” the ministry said.


Vaccination against measles is done free of charge in several parts of Mauritius.







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